Pamukkale Restaurants Place To Eat

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Places to Eat Pamukkale Restaurants

Most of the pensions serve meals and it's not a bad idea to take a room with breakfast and dinner included. Chances are that your pension will serve you better food, with larger portions at lower prices, than any of the eateries in the village.
The famous Pizzeria on the main street between the highway and the Yörük Motel was built in memory of a Pizza Hut in Aus-tralia, in which its builder worked for several years. This is the Turkish village version, with excellent fresh pizza from US$2. The upper deck gives you a view with your meal. Pizzaland next door is also good, though the food is a bit more bland.

On a tight budget you'd do well to avoid eating at any of the tourist-trap restaurants on the top of the ridge. The tables may overlook the travertines, but you pay again for the views in the cost of the meals. Pack a picnic before climbing the ridge from Pamukkale town.

Places to Eat - Mid-Range

in Pamukkale town, try Gürsoy Restaurant, facing the Yörük Motel on the main street. With its small, shady front terrace, it's great for people-watching. A three-course meal with a drink costs about US$4. Similarly priced is the popular Han Restaurant, facing the main square. The menu has many popular dishes like grills for US$4 to US$6.
Ünal Restaurant, below the square, has less of a view and simpler decor, but is sig-nificantly cheaper, with set-price meals for US$7 and US$9. Mustafa Restau­rant, attached to the pension of the same name at the top of the hill near the main road, advertises vegetarian food.
For a drink, try Harem Restaurant & Bar, on Menderes Caddesi, with a good view of the foot traffic.

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