Getting There Away Pamukkale Hierapolis

2 Şubat 2008 Cumartesi

Getting There & Away Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Bus in summer, Pamukkale has a surprising number of direct buses to and from other cities, many of them continuing to Pa­mukkale from Denizli. Companies serving the town with direct buses include Kamil Koç, Köseoğlu, Pamukkale and Paklale. For distances and prices, see under Getting There & Away in the earlier Denizli section. At other times of year it's best to assume you'll have to change in Denizli.

Pamukkale has no proper otogar. Ticket offices are near the junction of the highvvay and the town's main street.
Municipal buses make the half-hour trip between Denizli and Pamukkale every 30 minutes or so, more frequently on Saturday and Sunday, for US$ 2; the last bus runs at 10 pm in summer, probably around sunset in other seasons. A few of these buses actually go to the top of the ridge for no extra charge. in summer dolmuşes go more frequently but see the vvarning on delays and pension touts in the earlier Denizli section.

The dolmuş from Denizli to Pamukkale usually continues as far as Karahayıt, or there's a separate Karahayıt municipal bus service.


If you're driving from Afrodisias and Nazilli, you might want to note a short cut to Pamukkale. About 600m after you pass the exit sign from Sarayköy ('Sarayköy' with a red diagonal stripe through it), a narrow road on the left leads to Pamukkale via the vil-lages of Sığma (SUH-mah), Akköy and Karahayıt. The road is not well marked, so you should ask directions for Pamukkale in each village. If enough people ask, the locals might erect signs.


A taxi between Denizli and Pa­mukkale costs about US$12, but don't take one until you're sure the bus and dolmuş services have stopped for the day, which is what you're liable to hear from every taxi driver. Taxis also wait on top of the ridge to run people back to Pamukkale. This joumey should cost between US$5 and US$6 but some readers have complained of being told it was a metered taxi and then being landed with a bili twice as high as this. A taxi from Pamukkale to Karahayıt costs about US$12.

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