Beldibi And Goynuk Turkey Information

1 Şubat 2008 Cuma

Beldibi Turkey, Goynuk Turkey

North of Kemer, the old Antalya highway follows the shoreline more closely than the new highway, further inland. About 12km north of Kemer is the centre of Beldibi, another planned resort area. The beach here consists of stones, not even pebbles, but the water is clear, the pines cool and the moun-tain backdrop dramatic. Unfortunately there's also a lot of construction and piles of rubbish here and there.

Beldibi Hotel, Goynuk Hotel

Among the resorts is Göynük Çadırlı Kamp Alanı (Tent Camping Ground), about 400m north of Sultansaray Antalya Hotel & Resort on the old road; 23km south-west of Antalya. Take the Göynük exit from the highvvay, then turn left (north, back toward Antalya) to fınd it.

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