Tekirova Phaselis Hotel Pension Turkey

31 Ocak 2008 Perşembe

Tekirova Turkey, Tekirova Pension and Hotels

About 13km north-east of Olimpos is the turn-off for Tekirova, a resort area with sev­eral large luxury hotels (Phaselis Princess, Corinthia Club Hotel Tekirova, etc) and several more under construction. Of the many pensions here, Phaselis Pension (fax 242-821 4507) is off the highway on the old road next to a stream. The benefits are a quiet location, swimming pool and being 750m from the beach. The decent double rooms with bath for US$50breakfast included are good value. Follow the signs to get there.

Phaselis Turkey, Phaselis Hotel and Pension

About 3km north of the Tekirova turn-off, 12km before the turn-off to Kemer and about 56km from Antalya, is a road marked for Phaselis, a ruined Lycian city 2km off the highvvay on the shore.

Phaselis was apparently founded by Greek colonists on the border between Lycia and Pamphylia around 334 BC. Its wealth came from being a port for the shipment of timber, rose oil and perfume.

Shaded by soughing pines, the ruins of Phaselis are arranged around three small perfect bays, each with its own diminutive beach. The ruins are not particularly exciting, and are ali from Roman and Byzantine times, but the setting is incomparably romantic.

The site is open from 7.30 am to 7 pm in summer for US$2. About lkm from the highway is the entrance to the site, with a small modern building where you can buy soft drinks, snacks, souvenirs, use the toilet and visit a one-room museum. The ruins and the shore are another lkm further on. The nearest accommodation is in Tekirova.

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